Extensive experience in both civil and criminal law allows an attorney to provide the client with appropriate advice in civil matters so as to avoid unforeseen consequences later in administrative and/or criminal proceedings.  Catastrophic events can thrust a client into a multifaceted defense posture in parallel civil, administrative and criminal proceedings.


For example, the extensive litigation generated from BP’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, resulted in multi-district civil litigation, administrative hearings before various governmental bodies, and even a Federal Grand Jury investigation by the Department of Justice Criminal Environmental Task Force.  When such events occur, the ability to represent the client in all parallel proceedings, while coordinating the representation with nationwide law firms, is of paramount importance.


BP’s civil and criminal defense team gathered in New Orleans for inspection of the evidence retrieved from the Gulf of Mexico (e.g., blowout protector, drilling pipe, rescue capsules).


Depicted in the photograph BP’s criminal counsel coordinator John Lausch – Kirkland & Ellis  Chicago, Carrie Karis-Kirkland & Ellis, BP’s civil counsel of the multi-district litigation;


Rick Simmons of Hailey, McNamara, Hall, Larmann & Papale (New Orleans, LA) along with other individual defense counsel, Mark Tuohey of Brown Rudnick (Washington DC), Bill Taylor, Zuckerman & Spader (Washington DC), David Stetler, Stetler, Duggy & Rotert, Ltd. (Chicago, IL),  Shaun Clark, Gerger & Clark (Houston, Texas), Philip Hilder, Hilder & Associates, P.C. (Houston, Texas), Bob Habans, Habans & Carriere (Baton Rouge, LA), Eddie Castaing, Crill, Castaing & Lilly (New Orleans, LA), Mitch Lansden, Lansden & Associates (Houston, TX) and BP's local counsel Ralph Capitelli, Capatelli & Wicker (New Orleans, LA)

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